Hypnotherapy works with the conscious and unconscious mind.

The conscious mind is in charge of all your thoughts and actions and is the logical, critical thinking part of the mind.

The unconscious part of the mind sits quietly in the background.

The conscious mind thinks it is in charge, but actually it’s the unconscious mind that really controls our lives and gives us the directions.

The unconscious mind is like a vault that stores all the memories through our lives and accumulates memories and events, both good and bad. These can be either traumatic events or seemingly harmless comments from family or friends.

All this information is stored deep in the unconscious mind. The primary role of the unconscious mind is to keep us safe.

The critical faculty (a brain barrier) stops the information getting to the conscious mind. Sometimes these events, traumas and thoughts get stored  incorrectly in the mind and can cause a lot of problems.

With Hypnosis, we can access the unconscious mind and get it working together with the conscious mind to get a resolution for the problem, behaviour or habit.